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Muhapatti : Why Jain Monks wear cloth to cover their mouth?

Jain monks distinctly because of their attire. I could notice them quite easily during my childhood because of the cloth that they wear to cover their mouths, popularly known as Muhapatti. Obviously, they are often called as 'Muhapatti Waale Sadhu'--a saint with a mouth cloth! A lot of people simply don't know why they do it. Some perceive that it is to restrict the usage of sound. However, their is a deeper significance behind this little piece of cloth. Let's find some answers.

Here it is to be noted that Jain monks wear the Muhapatti to avoid unwittingly kill the insects or living beings through the process of breathing.A muhapatti is used to cover the mouth. Some people tie it to cover their mouth, while others hold it in their hand and use it to cover their mouth while speaking. Vedic scholars using their hand to cover their mouth while speaking to somebody. This is a usual practice to not to throw the puff of air at other's mouth. It is obvious that Jain monks want to prevent even a micro-himsa done to microbes.

However, it is worth mention here that by placing the patti on their mouths, they are reducing the chance to swallow any living organism. The beauty of renunciation lies in taking care of everything while neglecting your own self. This is where such a minute detail has been taken care of by Jain monks.

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