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JainNewsViews is an online platform providing the Neutral content for all 4 sects of Jainism namely Digambar, Derawasi, Sthanawasi and Terapanth.

We aim to preserve Jainism by converting print media content of years and decades into digital form, translate where our capabilities allow, and propagate the concepts of Jainism to the new generation in modern way using various social media platforms.   

We are primarily focusing on providing cutom Tithi reminders to all Jains. We also send out quotes and articles of various Sadhuji / Sadhviji. One form that can connect anyone to divine is Bhakti. We compile lyrics of various Stavan/Bhakti songs and put on on our website.

We believe, what we eat certainly influences who we are. To help next generation stay on Jain Lifestyle, we provide a very exhaustive and wide-ranging section on Jain Recipes.

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