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Brain dead Jain woman in Pune saves three lives by donating organs

Nitin Jain, the victim's younger brother-in-law said, "Our family belongs to the Jain community and we are involved in social work for the last 40 years. Not one person from our family hesitated in donating the organs. Even her daughters, despite the suddenness of the accident, were positive about donating her organs which is the best way to ensure her memory lives on."

A woman who met with a road accident on May 28 around 11 pm at Shankar Sheth Road in Pune was brought and resuscitated at Jehangir Hospital. The victim underwent a CT scan and a subdural hematoma, a collection of blood outside the brain was discovered. She underwent brain surgery at 2:30 am on the same night but after no improvement in her condition for 48 hours, she was declared brain dead by the hospital.

Dr. Abhay Somani at Jehangir Hospital, a cardiologist said, "The family and the A&E team made their best efforts to revive her despite she being in a healthy condition. When declared brain dead, the family did not hesitate to donate her organs and help other patients."

When Dr. Somani and transplant co-ordinator Vrinda Pusalkar suggested the idea of organ donation, the family did not hesitate at all and her liver was sent to Apollo Hospital in Nashik to a 32-year-old, one kidney was transplanted in Jehangir Hospital to a 56-year-old and another kidney was sent to Deenanath Hospital to a 50-year-old. "The patient who has received the kidney was on the waiting list for the last 2-3 years but has recovered post surgery and should be discharged soon," stated Dr. Shriniwas Ambike, a nephrologist at Jehangir Hospital. Dr. Sachin Vaze, Dr. Shriniwas Ambike, Dr. Yogesh Sohoni and Dr. Kirpekar along with anesthetist Avantika Bhat were a part of the operating team.

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