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Jains take out Ahimsa Rally in Vijayawada

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

VIJAYAWADA: Chanting hymns for world peace, the Jain community took out Ahimsa Rally here on Wednesday to mark Mahavir Jayanti. Hundreds of Jains accompanied by their family members participated in the procession. An elegantly decorated chariot with a portrait of Lord Mahavir passed through main thoroughfares of the city.

The rally was organised by Jain Samaj as part of a camp held to rededicate oneself to the core values of Jainism. The procession was flagged off by Jain monks from Gandhi Municipal High School, which saw a huge participation of youth and elders carrying placards ‘Live and Let Live’, ‘Save Girl Child’ and ‘Stop Killing of Cows’.

Apart from these, Mahavir Jayanti was also celebrated with special prayers and rituals at the Jain temple in Marwadi Street, One Town.

Jain Samaj spokesperson Manoj Kothari said that the rally was conducted to propagate Mahavir’s philosophy of Ahimsa. The principle of Ahimsa in Jainism embraces not only human beings but all animals, birds and plants. He highlighted the Jain message of non-violence and its relation to veganism and eating habits and urged the people to switch over to vegan diet.

Manoj Kothari stressed the need to imbibe the teachings of Lord Mahavir for leading a happy and peaceful life.

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